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Google Wifi Dual Band Mesh Router 3-Pack

Google Wifi Dual Band Mesh Router 3-Pack


A New Type of Wi-Fi Technology

Google Wifi works differently than a traditional router. You set up multiple points throughout your home, creating a “mesh” network that delivers a consistently strong, secure signal.

Create a reliable internet connection throughout your home with this Google Wi-Fi system. The convenient package of three connectivity points effortlessly covers even large homes up to 4,500 square feet. This Google Wi-Fi system eliminates uneven bandwidth usage among multiple devices, including cell phones and tablets, for an unimpeded connection that doesn't lag behind.

Whole home coverage

Wi-Fi points work together to cover every corner of your customer’s home. So every device has a fast and secure connection.

Simple setup

No need to be a networking expert. The Google Wifi companion app helps you set it up in minutes.

Network Assist

Ensures your customer’s network is always on a clear channel. 

Simple controls

Allows customers to prioritize devices for faster streaming, or do a speed test for quick troubleshooting.

Family Wi-Fi

Customers can block sites from their kids’ devices and even schedule Wi-Fi pauses; like during dinner or bedtime.

Additional from Jinigram

1. Extended Warranty 

2. Setup Support

3. Free Smart Home Diagnostics

Jinigram, LLC is a Google / Nest Pro Premium Partner for Smart Home Solutions.

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